train your dog or puppy the right way?

Train your dog or puppy the fun easy way!

Welcome to the How to train a dog website, I wish you all the best in your future dog or puppy training.

Do you want to train your dog or puppy the right way?

Do you want to change your dogs behaviour and turn them into a good dog?

Do you want to teach your dog or puppy some useful commands and amazing tricks?

Is your dog or puppy badly behaved? 

- Get them well behaved, obedient, happy AND stop annoying dog habits.

Is your dog naughty or just bored? – Channel that doggy brain power into something constructive now!

All dogs want to communicate and relate well to their owners, give them a chance to please you and you’ll be amazed at the results! In my experience naughty dogs are usually bored dogs. Trick training, command training¬†and obedience training is a great way of using your dogs brain power for something constructive! Teach them some commands and tricks and you’ll be teaching them to listen to you and you’ll have fun too! You’ll be amazed how quickly any dog will learn with these great training methods.

How to teach these great tricks and many more, is explained in an easy to follow step-by-step way, with many helpful photos. This guide even has tips for you in case you encounter problems. (This is my own dog ‘Olive’)


Looking to teach some FUN puppy tricks and EASY puppy tricks? Well look no further..
This is the complete guide to owning, caring for and training your dog or puppy.

This really is a fun, easy to use guide, suitable for beginners or people who have trained dogs before. There are many ways to train a dog or puppy, some good, some bad and some very bad. This guide gets results and REALLY WORKS (see what previous customers say in some testimonials). I promise you’ll see results quickly, as it uses fun and playtime as a powerful reward system for your dog, it’s so easy! There is no need to punish your dog with this system. This fun and effective guide will give also give you lots of ideas on how to teach your own tricks and commands to your dog or puppy, once you mastered the commands and tricks in the guide itself.

This guide will help you realise how your dog thinks, and allow you to make that an advantage for training and overcoming dog behavioural problems - find out what motivates your dog!

This system is for dogs and puppies of all ages, who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? – they’ve never read my guide.

Please do not be fooled by useless imitations: Some people are selling useless dog training guides and are doing it to make money (lots of it). This is not one of them. My guide shows everything in a simple step by step way and actually works, unlike like some other ‘so called’ dog training guides, that are a few pages long and not much use – (you know who you are!). This guide is UNIQUE can’t be purchased ANYWHERE ELSE and was written by me (J Holland), It’s over 56 pages long (17000+ words), has many helpful guide photos to help you along, and as you can see from my testimonials it’s been received very well by my customers. If you were going to be unhappy with your purchase I wouldn’t offer my full refund guarantee!!! – Give it a go, you won’t be disappointed and you’ve got nothing to lose. Get training and have a happy and obedient doggie!

You can buy it online RIGHT NOW using a secure server. You could be training your dog or puppy in minutes! See the difference in your dog in no time. You will receive download instructions by email once your payment is verified, no waiting for the postman, no postage costs, no handling charges, no fuss, no subscription fees, just a one off unbelievably cheap price. All the transactions are done by the totally reliable ‘Paypal’. You can use paypal and many other credit cards, so there is no risk to you. You can be reading my very popular dog care and dog training ebook, within minutes of purchasing! And don’t forget the free bonus ebook’s you’ll get too – (total ebook package valued at ¬£15/$30)

These E-book’s are in the ‘PDF’ format & are fully readable on your computer with the free Adobe Reader, and are fully printable – even the many photos. The main ebook, ‘How to train a dog or puppy – the fun way!’ is over 17000 words long (56 pages), and written in a fun, good humoured style. Don’t worry if you’re not sure if your computer can read ‘PDF’ files, when you purchase this guide you get a link to download the Adobe Reader program for free. Also most computers now come with the free Adobe Reader program already installed.

I’ve still NEVER had a complaint from ANY customer, after selling many of my guides, you’ll see why in the guide itself – It’s fun, easy to follow, gets results fast and is all you need to train your dog – check out the testimonials.

  • When should I feed my dog or puppy?

  • When can I start house training my puppy?

  • How do I house train my dog?

  • My dog is chewing up my furniture, help!

  • My dog keeps biting me, what can i do?

  • How do I crate train my dog?

  • How do I train my dog or puppy to do tricks?

  • When can I start training my puppy?

  • How do I train my dog or puppy to sit, stay, fetch, lie down, roll over, stand up, beg, spin & drop?

  • And much much more..

Here are some of the easy tricks and commands you’ll teach your dog:

  • teach your dog how to come.
  • teach your dog how to sit.
  • teach your dog how to stay.
  • teach your dog how to drop things on command.
  • teach your dog to fetch and retrieve
  • teach your dog how to stop biting you and other people!
  • plus too much to mention!
  • teach your dog to roll over
  • teach your dog to give you a paw
  • teach your dog to spin on the spot
  • teach your dog to stand up on their back legs
  • teach your dog to sit like a meercat! (on their bottom but upright – the ‘beg’ command)
  • how to teach your dog your own tricks – you can teach them anything you want!